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Stretch wrappers are widely used across the United States and the globe. Each turntable machine we carry is in stock and ready to ship. From automatic to semi-automatic stretch wrappers.

How Stretch Wrappers Work

Once a load is placed on a turntable, it then rotates relative to the wrapping film roll, which is also housed in a carriage-like attachment to an upright or vertical “mast” which then moves up and down depending on the height of the load.

Stretch wrappers improve overall productivity, reduces waste, and enhances employee safety. Premier Stretch Wrappers are commonly used in metal industries, beverage industries, food service industries, construction industries, bagged product industries, printing industries, and general warehouses.

Below you can learn the difference between the two stretch wrapping machines and their common uses.

Automatic stretch wrapping takes a pallet from the beginning of the production line and automatically feeds the pallet into the wrap zone where the product will be wrapped pursuant to the control settings initiated by the operator. Once the pallet is finished wrapping it will then be conveyed to the end of the line, at the same time a new pallet is automatically being conveyed into the wrap area.

semi-automatic stretch wrapper will require an operator to load pallets and unload pallets from the machine, initiate the wrap cycle manually, and make suitable adjustments to ensure that the load is wrapped effectively and according to specs.

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